About us

The Animal Recovery Centre (ARC) group of veterinary centres was started in Singapore by veterinarian Dr. Jean-Paul Ly in 1997, and the Animal Recovery Veterinary Referral Centre (ARVRC) clinic was opened on 466 Serangoon Road in 2013.

The ARVRC clinic was merged with Doctors Beck & Stone on November 1, 2015.

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Our promises to you and your pet:

- It is our constant endeavor to reach and exceed the highest international standards of pet care.
- We offer good value, with consistently high and unrivaled service quality. Our fees are transparent and identical for all pet owners.
- We will always seek your informed consent before any treatment or pet transfer, and we will keep you updated on your pet’s health.
- We use the most advanced hospital management system, with your pet’s records being accessible to you.
- Your pet’s welfare is our top priority and all of our staff are advocates for the advancement of companion animal welfare.
- Our doctors discuss their cases with their colleagues, giving you access to the full expertise of our international team.
- We respond to all inquiries within 48 hours.
- All our hospitals provide medical, boarding and grooming services, as well as food and essential pet accessories, endorsed by our expert team of vets, nurses, behaviorists, physiotherapists and groomers.

Animal Welfare

- We work closely with animal shelters to promote a no-kill pledge for any healthy animal.
- We provide advanced medical treatment for rescued pets with serious medical problems whether they result from disease or accident.
- We offer a compassionate discount for all rescued animals, to the rescuer, for as long as three months.
- We strongly believe rehoming of rescued animals is a much better alternative to buying puppies and kittens.
- All veterinary procedures are performed for the benefit of the patients committed to our care, and not just for the sake of aesthetics or owner convenience.



About Us